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Last week I asked for feedback for page 1 of the new Hydras Print 'N' Play. There was only one major change and it was fairly simple to implement, but it makes an enormous difference. For the color print 'n' play I dropped the individual card backgrounds and instead I have a single large background so that you don't end up with weird rough edges cutting them out. It's hard to explain so maybe you should just load the file instead.

Updated Color Cards Page 1 5.9 MB PDF

This week we have a whole new page of cards to look at. I feel like there's a lot more meat on this page than there was last week which was mostly necks with no heads. So what looks right? What looks wrong? Are any of the colors off? Are some lines too heavy? Is everything just right? Take a look at the second sheet and let me know what you think on Facebook or shoot me an email!

Black and White Cards Page 2 1.1 MB PDF
Color Cards Page 2 6.2 MB PDF