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My original goal was to get the next print 'n' play version out as fast as possible. I decided against this for three reasons. One, I felt that I could give you guys better for the final print 'n' play before the kickstarter. Two, I wanted to give you a full color print 'n' play along with the black and white. Finally three, I felt that it would be a missed opportunity to get your feedback about the art. What looks funny? What doesn't match up quite right? What looks great? Over the next few weeks I'm going to release the final print 'n' play version one page at a time. I'll take your feedback to refine the art and release the updated sheet along with the next sheet each update. So take a look at the first sheet and let me know what you think on Facebook or shoot me an email!

Black and White Cards Page 1 0.75 MB PDF
Color Cards Page 1 5.3 MB PDF