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Rules For Young Children

The rules for young children provide a game that is more about doing a puzzle. The rules are similar to, but very stripped down from the base game.

This version of the game teaches counting and visual thinking, especially when you add in the labour cards. The game also teaches proper gaming table etiquette, how to communicate, socialize and take turns which is important as they grow up.


Remove all torches from the deck. Pull out half of the remaining play deck cards (doesn’t have to be exact). This makes up the new play deck. Do not deal each player a hand. Instead deal 4 face up cards in the center of the table. Deal each player a hydra card as normal.

Playing The Game

Ignore all special rules for swords and shields. Players take turns choosing one of the 4 face up hydra cards and playing it on their own hydra. You may not play on your opponent’s hydra. If there is no where you can play on your hydra you may remove a card from your hydra and then play. If you do not want to play a card on your hydra you may discard one of the face up cards instead.

Ending The Game

Like the solo variant you play until all cards have been played or discarded. You score the game as normal.

For Slightly Older Children

Play with 1 or more labour cards face up. Each of you try to complete the goals while you build your hydra. If you succeed you get that many points. You do not lose any points for failing to complete a goal.