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Solo Play

Try to complete between 3 and 6 labour cards before all the cards run out.


Shuffle the deck and then pull 30 of the 60 cards out. This becomes your new play deck.

Pull the following labour cards out of the labour deck:
Hole In The Middle
Long Skinny Neck
The Long Path
Split Tree

These become your new labours deck. Deal randomly or choose between 3 and 6 labour cards to attempt to complete. Depending on how many you draw, and which cards they are will control how difficult the game is to win.

Choose one of the hydra bodies to be your start.

Draw cards one at a time until you have 4 in your hand.

Playing The Game

Each round you play or discard a card and draw back up to 4 cards as normal. Torches are handled in a special way When you draw a torch you must either discard a shield to block it, or play it in a valid place of your choice on your hydra. If there is no valid place to play it, then discard it and draw a different card instead.

It is very important to draw your cards and look at them one at a time for this reason. From the very start of the game when you draw your first 4 cards it can make a huge difference if you draw 2 torches followed by 2 shields vs. 2 shields followed by 2 torches.

Ending The Game

Unlike the standard game you will play this game until the last card in your hand is played or discarded. If you have completed all of the goals from your labour cards by this point, you win.