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Last week was torches, and I got a ton of feedback. We held multiple playtests using the new color printed deck, and torches came under not just some visual revisions, but also some game play revisions as well. Torches are now worth -2 points per torch when adding up your final scoring. This gives torches an extra umph beyond just weakening your opponent's defenses. Also among play tests we decided that the torch smoke going all the way to the edge of the card while visually appealing actually confused a lot of new players who thought they had to match to all necks. I also added a flame icon that might be able to be used to simplify labour cards, and also has potential use for future expansions. With out further ado I present the new and improved torches:

Updated Black and White Cards Page 6 0.5 MB PDF
Updated Color Cards Page 6 5.3 MB PDF

I very much wanted to get labours out this week, but in play testing we found some of the new rules conflicted with existing labours. This is going to require some things to change and those changes to be play tested before I feel comfortable releasing the new labours to the public. So instead this week I'm offering the entire hydra deck, and the 4 bodies for final review. What are your final thoughts before I release this new deck into the wild? Please share your feedback with us on Facebook or shoot me an email!

Black and White Cards 5.0 MB PDF
Color Cards 11.3 MB PDF